The Wanafucawi (Wana-fu-cawi) Charter provides initial guidance, rules and regulations for the Wanafucawi Nation.   The Wanafucawi Nation was organized in December of 2012 in LeFlore County of Southeastern Oklahoma in the shadows of the tallest hill in the world, Cavanal Hill with the elevation of 1,999 feet, which is just 1 foot short of mountain status.  Cavanal Hill is located just west of the city of Poteau, OK. The Wanafucawi alphabet adopted for Official Documents will be the Greek WSI Regular Font.  This alphabet, does not interfere with but supersedes, time wise, all other known Indian Alphabets.   For organizational purposes Buddy Joe Currens, a descendant of Choctaw lineage, who resides at 303 Nanih Waiya Lane, Poteau, OK 74953, is appointed as the original founder and Principal Chief of the Wanafucawi Nation.  He shall be know as “Chief Nanih Waiya”.  For those of Choctaw decent, Nanih Waiya, is also the street name of the Principal Chief’s residence, is named for an ancient earthwork mound in Winston County, Mississippi, constructed by indigenous people during the Middle Woodland period, about 0-300 CE.  The belief of the Choctaw Nation is that the Choctaw tribe emanated from this mound.  The Great seal of the Wanafucawi Nation shall be as follows.  The meaining of the symbols on the Great Seal are defined as follows: - The Sun warms our faces and guides our path during the   day. - The Moon guides our paths on night travels and hunts. - The Stars provide guidance and navigation during our hunts. - The Bear represents the courage of our tribesmen. - The Buffalo provides meat for our people and skins for our tepees. - The inscriptions are ancient writings of our ancestors as left on the walls of the caves on the great Cavanal Hill. - The fire surrounding the Great Seal represents our camfires and their never ending light at night.
As of August 2010 the number of federally recognized tribes was 564 tribal entities.  These tribes were recognized and eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.   Of these Indian Tribal Nations, the Choctaws, Cherokees and others, also continue to live in Southeastern Oklahoma.  These Indian Tribal Nations have codes of membership known as “roles” that require certain lineages or calculation of percentage of blood lines in order to be allowed as tribe members. This practice has, to the detriment of many people, precluded their participation in the celebration of their Indian heritage and has prevented them from being able to be a part of these Indian Nations and the venues they provide for celebrating their Indian Heritage.  It is also interesting to note that of the three tribes, Choctaw, Cherokee and Wanafucawi, the only one having a website is the Wanafucawi Nation at Wanafucawi.com.  Neither of the other two tribes, Choctaw Choctaw.com or Cherokee Cherokee.com have a website or at least a website that promotes the tribe. The Wanafucawi Nation,was formed to help correct these inequities and to allow those of Indian decent, but not considered pure enough to qualify for another Indian Nation’s “role”, to have a Tribal Connection and a venue in which to celebrate their Indian Heritage.  All persons with an Indian heritage or lineage, or spouses as long as they remain married to those of Indian heritage, are welcomed to become members of the Wanafucawi Nation.  The following information and fees are required for granting of membership and role number certification: 1.Full Name (First, Middle, Last) 2.Home Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code) 3.Telephone Number (Area Code and telephone number) 4.Email address (for Tribal Communication only) 5.Indian lineage, e.g., Choctaw, Cherokee, Apache, etc. (your word is sworn as truth to the spirits of your initial Indian nation).  If membership by marriage lineage is requested, then so state. 6.A $25 processing fee plus $1 shipping will be applicable for the application processing, entering of tribal census data into the Wanafucawi Nation database and issuing of a Tribal Membership Certificate.  Upon request, a copy of the Wanafucawi Nation Tribal database will be made available to each accepted tribal member. Items such as email addresses may be redacted to protect members from unwanted solicitations and Spam. 
Upon approval of the Wanafucawi Nation Tribal membership Application, a Tribal Membership Certificate will be mailed to the home address shown in the application or, if the applicant prefers, a copy of the Tribal Membership Certificate, as a PDF Document can be emailed to the email address provided, for local printing and archiving. The initial goals of the Wanafucawi Nation (to be further developed over time) are to develop a Tribal Nation database that will provide the substantiation required to: 1. Gain Recognition as a Tribe by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). 2. Seek recognition of the Wanafucawi Nation by the other organized tribes as currently recognized by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). 3. Influence state and national politics. 4. Provide support for possible future profit sharing projects such as: Smoke Shops, Development of Casino’s and Other current Indian Ventures. (It is anticipated that all enrolled tribal members will be eligible to participate in future revenues that may be developed as a result of these efforts).  5.Provide members with discount prices on promotional items such as Vanity License Plates, Tee Shirts and other items that may become available. The need for amendment of the initial charter is anticipated and therefore any member may submit a proposed amendment, which will be adopted only by the unanimous vote of the entire Wanafucawi Nation tribal membership.  The proposed amendment to the initial charter will be submitted to the entire membership for vote and will only be adopted by majority vote of the full Wanafucawi Nation membership.  The Principal Chief will preside over and confirm the outcome of all such elections. This initial charter of the Wanafucawi has been approved and submitted by vote of the council and can only be further amended as described above. By:  Nanih Waiya,  Principal Chief Wanafucawi Nation
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